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Savings Hierarchy Thumbnail

Savings Hierarchy

Investor Insights

A recent Forbes Advisor survey of American citizens reported that nearly 70% of respondents indicated that their living expenses equaled or exceeded their income. That means only 30% of  Americans are in a position to save money towards their retirement. We recognize that the vast majority of our clients at AP Denver are part of that minority who are/were able to save for retirement. However, the numbers indicate that most of us likely know people that are struggling to or just beginning to save towards retirement.

Once someone reaches the point that they are able to begin saving for the future, the question becomes “where do I put the money?” The chart below from J.P. Morgan is a good guide to prioritizing and creating a ‘Savings Hierarchy.'

By partnering with our clients, we at AP Denver help them understand the ‘how’ & ‘why’ of saving prioritization. We work with our clients to help them align their current financial situation with their desired future, creating a comprehensive financial plan to guide them along the way.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to begin or assess their financial journey we would be honored to assist. Contact Us

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