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Achieving Your Financial Goals Starts With Your Advisor Thumbnail

Achieving Your Financial Goals Starts With Your Advisor


Imagine starting a road trip with your family without any destination in mind.

Are you heading to the mountains or the beach? What road should you take to get your final destination? Not knowing your destination means you have little to no plan on where you’re going. Even a poorly planned road trip can be missing crucial details.

Now, imagine starting your road trip with a vacation plan in place. You already have your VRBO or resort reservations. You know what to pack because you know your destination’s climate. You know what route is best because your destination is clearly understood. You know when you’re planning on arriving, what potential road closures may be in your way, and who you want to be with when you arrive.

A well-planned vacation gives you peace of mind to enjoy the journey and arrive at your destination. Of course, no one can predict every delay or mishap that may happen along the way. A good plan understands the value of contingencies, the ‘what ifs’ of life.

Your plan of financial independence needs a roadmap for you to follow to financial freedom. A financial advisor can provide the same type of travel guide expertise to safely navigate your journey.

How a Financial Advisor Can Help You Achieve Financial Independence

You as an investor do have an idea of where you want to be five, ten, even 20 years from now. Who do you trust to guide you along the way? Working with a certified financial planner can give you the direction and checkpoints necessary to pursue your financial goals.

When our American Portfolios Denver team connects with a new client, we listen to understand your current financial situation and your financial goals for the future. What is the current state of your finances? Where do you want to live? What activities would you like to enjoy in the future? What are the biggest obstacles blocking your path to financial independence? What’s a realistic outlook on your financial future that we can begin improving?

Our goal is to also ask questions you may not have considered. We aim to provide clarity for your future as you pursue your financial goals. The economic recession of 2008-2009 probably changed your perspective on retirement. A job loss or season of life maybe cost more than you anticipated. Your investments may be positioned for maximum growth, but how should they be positioned when you need to start drawing income? We can help you identify the true state of your finances and what your next step should be on your journey towards financial freedom.

We aim to give you the most reliable perspective on financial investing. At American Portfolios Denver we take great pride in being clear in our communication and consistent in our investing advice. Our financial advisors rely on evidence-based investing to guide our recommendations when dealing with your hard-earned money.

Investors can also expect clear communication, open access, and honest perspective on your financial situation. Meeting your financial goals ethically and realistically is our top priority and we make it our mission to be with you every step along the way. If you want to know what your financial future may be with American Portfolios Denver, we recommend sending us a message to get started. Click here to send us a message today.